2nd Postgraduate STS Conference
12-13th January 2012, Lancaster

Last year, the first Postgraduate Science and Technology Studies conference provided an inspirational and supportive atmosphere for the development of work in progress. Building on this success, we invite PhD students engaged in STS across the university to present their work, receive feedback and learn about the variety of STS research that is carried out on their doorstep. This conference will provide post-graduate students an opportunity to engage with their STS peers, to develop their work and to be part of a growing community of STS researchers.

In order to maximise feedback, accepted speakers are asked to prepare a paper prior to the conference which will be read by two members of faculty. Feedback from these two members and the audience will be given after the presentation on the basis of the submitted paper and the given presentation. Each presenter will be given 20 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for discussion.

Registration will open on Monday 31st October, early bird rate £15 available until 28th November 2011 (£20 thereafter).
The deadline for abstract submissions (max. 500 words) is Monday 31st October 2011.


  • 31st October, 2011: deadline for abstract submissions (max. 500 words);
  • 14th November, 2011: confirmation of acceptance of abstracts;
  • 28th November 2011: early registration ends (£15, required for all presenters);
  • 12th December, 2011: deadline for paper submissions (max. 5000 words);
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